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   A.  ATTENDANCE/MAKEUP POLICY:  Students are expected to attend each lesson and group class. Since a teacher reserves a specific weekly lesson time for every student, private lessons cancelled by a family will not be made up, credited or refunded.  However up two lessons per year may be rescheduled into summer vacation weeks, days school is out (other than Federal Holidays), or during school teaching hours provided the family has cancelled the lesson with 24 hours notice, or in emergency situations, has called the teacher before the start time of the lesson.   Lessons cancelled by the teachers will be made up if possible at a mutually-convienant time, or credited towards the next term.

   B.  TARDINESS:  The faculty is tightly scheduled and lessons must end on time in order to be considerate to the next student. Faculty will wait for a late student for one-third of their lesson length if a family has not phoned the teacher to let them know they will be running late.  Students should also wait for one-third of their lesson time for faculty running late. If faculty is more than one-third of a lesson late and the student leaves, the faculty will reschedule that lesson.

   C.  INCLEMENT WEATHER:  The Kirkwood Academy of Music will remain opened during inclement weather unless otherwise notified by email from the teacher. If Kirkwood school district is closed that day, families will have the option to reschedule the lesson. Please contact your teacher if you will be unable to make your regularily scheduled lesson time.

   D.  PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE:  Kirkwood Academy students are occaisionally photographed or videorecorded to advertise or promote the program. By enrolling in the Kirkwood Academy you are giving implicit consent to this policy.  However if you do not wish to have your child's photo or video used in this fashion, please submit a written notice to the director at the beginning of each school year.

   E.  INSTRUCTOR CHOICE:  The Kirkwood Academy believes that the parent-child-teacher relationship is extremely important and unlike some programs, will not randomly assign students to teachers. Students thus get to choose their individual teacher for the private lesson. If a teacher has no current openings you may start with another teacher on the faculty until the teacher you wish to study with has acceptable openings, but you should let the teacher you start with know of this in advance as common courtesy.

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